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Frank J. Fedel, C.E.S.

Frank J. Fedel, a certified exercise specialist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI and at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Mt. Clemens, MI, is an exercise researcher and acknowledged leader in cross-training and in-line skating research and performance. As a cardiac rehabilitation clinician, he helps lead heart transplant, bypass and heart attack patients back to functional status through exercise, as well as working with Olympic and professional athletes. He also conducts corporate education classes focusing on heart disease risk factors and lifestyle modifications. Fedel recently co-authored a book on fitness in-line skating, and developed and leads a health and wellness promotion team in Michigan, "Team EXTREME", that participates in various community events promoting exercise and healthy lifestyles.

E-mail to frank@fedel.com

Pat Yaroch-Siloac, R.D.

Pat Yaroch-Siloac, a registered dietitian and health educator at both St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Mt. Clemens, MI and at Henry Ford Hospital, teaches weight management and nutrition to cardiac and diabetic patients. She also provides outpatient nutrition counseling and nutritional lifestyle management classes to children, heart transplant recipients and heart disease patients. She was a contributing writer to the HeartSmart® cookbook, which is available nationwide.

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