Exercise & Nutrition Calendar

How It Works

This calendar was developed as the result of over 30 years of combined clinical and professional experience helping individuals and groups of people who are interested in improving their fitness and nutrition habits. The tips and suggestions included in each section have been selected to provide motivation, inspiration and education.


The Nutrition Portion of the Calendar (the top half of the calendar) provides you with an easy-to-read area in which you can keep track of your patterns of eating fruits and vegetables. Simply write an "F" or a "V" in the appropriate day's box; each time you consume a Fruit or Vegetable.

Check your progress frequently; and you may be surprised... sometimes it's easy to see where you can make changes that will help improve your nutritional intake.

A chart explaining serving sizes for fruits and vegetables is included, to make your record-keeping simple.


The Exercise Portion of the Calendar (the bottom portion of the calendar) is another unique, easy-to-use record-keeping system. For each day you exercise, simply put a large "X" in the box for that day; on days that you don't exercise, put an "O" in the box.

At the end of each week, tally up your "YES" and "NO" days for exercise. You'll receive immediate feedback on how you're doing relative to your goals. You may even notice some trends in your exercise pattern that will help you select more appropriate exercises.

Nutrition and exercise tips are provided throughout the calendar; each week a new tip will give you ideas on how to maintain or initiate your healthy living patterns.

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