Fitness In-Line Skating

Includes 48 Skating Workouts

Fitness In-Line


Suzanne Nottingham and Frank J. Fedel

1997 * Paper * 176 pp
Item PNOT0982 * ISBN 0-87322-982-7
$15.95 ($21.95 Canadian)

"... a comprehensive guide that authoritatively defines the relationship between fitness and in-line skating."

Rebecca Broida
Contributing Editor
In-line Magazine

"A definite classic for fitness professionals and novice or experienced skaters!"

Jill A. Carson
Certified Instructor
International In-Line Skating Association

Soaring in popularity as a major participation sport worldwide, in-line skating offers everything from fun and fitness to highly competitive training and racing.  Fitness In-Line Skating is the first book to provide expert advice to in-line skaters of all abilities.

The perfect training guide to help skaters reach their fitness goals, this easy-to-use reference features 48 different workouts grouped across six different training zones of increasing difficulty. Each color-coded zone is designed to challenge skaters in duration and intensity, so skaters can quickly find a workout that fits their needs.

Fitness In-Line Skating is part of the Fitness Spectrum Series - a collection of books from Human Kinetics that offers fitness enthusiasts a practical and flexible approach to training. Highlights include

  • six training zones and 48 color-coded workouts that range in difficulty from very easy to very hard;
  • three sample skating programs from which to choose according to your training goals, fitness level, and desired training distance;
  • cross-training advice for cycling, ice skating, rowing, snow skating, running, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and weight training; and
  • guidelines for using the workouts to design a program of your own.

Frank Fedel is a leading exercise specialist and expert on in-line training and racing.  He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Suzanne Nottingham is one of the leading skating instructors in the country.  She is an examiner for the International In-Line Skating Association and fitness editor for Skiing magazine.  

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